CCAoE : The Association

The “Classic Car Association of Europe” is an Association of joint investment in classic cars and other tangible assets.

The “Classic Car Association of Europe” was founded as an association within the meaning of articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code and is established in the canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland. The CCAoE is politically and religiously independent.

The purpose of the Club is “the purchase of classic cars and other property, restoring, using and preserving them in the course of its activities and allowing its active members to participate in the average growth of the assets of the Association“.
The Classic Car Association of Europe sees itself as an exclusive Association of lovers of classic cars that have recognized the value of investing in vintage cars and classic cars.

Our motto is:


Classic cars are not only valuable cultural property – they are more valuable than gold and silver on the long run“.

To pursue the purpose of the Association, the Association has the following revenues:


  • - Membership fees
  • - Income from own events
  • - Income from service agreements
  • - Income from vehicle auctions and sales
  • - Income from lease and rentals
  • - Donations and gifts of all kinds



Classic Car Association of Europe, Feffetstrasse 14, 9464 Rüthi, Schweiz.