CCAoE : The assets of the Association

Classic cars as an investment – garage instead of safe deposit box

The wealth of the Classic Car Association of Europe is built on the basis of selected vintage indices.

The Classic Car Association of Europe – CCAoE – is the first institution of its kind, the purpose of which is the building of wealth through direct investment in classic cars, their restoration, conservation and usage.


The CCAoE acquires classic cars and other tangible assets, uses and preserves them in the course of its activities and participates its active members in the average capital appreciation of the assets of the Association.

Investing in vintage cars

Return with 8-cylinder sound: In 1968, the BMW 328 cabriolet achieved proudly the age of 30 years and was traded for just under 4,000 Euros. Today, 45 years later, the BMW in good condition is worth about 160,000 Euros. Other vehicles experienced similarly spectacular price increases in recent years.


Our credo: Vintage cars are already no longer just a hobby, but a highly lucrative investment with a growth potential of up to 20% per year!


Seen in the long term, automotive classics prove to be a pretty stable investment. Beating equities as well as German Government (e.g.) bonds to length: while the German stock index DAX grew since 2005 by 38.6 percent and the Euro STOXX 50 index rose by 7.9 per cent, the OTX (classic car index of Southwest Bank, Stuttgart) grew by 115 percent. The Rex-P for German Government bonds rose in this period by 39.3 percent.


Oldtimerindex (OTX) by SÜDWESTBANK, Stuttgart


The performance presented is that of models of German manufacturers from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and southern Hesse between January 1, 2005 and January 1, 2012.