CCAoE : The investment guidelines

Investment decisions based on professional data analysis

The assets of the Classic Car Association of Europe are being increased according to set guidelines.

The Board of Directors of the Classic Car Association of Europe has as a rule set to take its purchasing and sales decisions on the basis of data analysis and data-processing of the historic Automobile Group International (HAGI), whenever it is possible.


The historic Automobile Group International (HAGI) is an independent research House and think tank for the market and investments in rare and classic cars. The company has developed standards that allow o measure this alternative investment for the first time pretty exactly. Until today the rigorous methods of financial analysis have been employed only for traditional investments. The HAGI top index is published and in the German-speaking on Handelsblatt and online every month on the Web site of the international financial times.

The Oldtimer-Indexes


HAGI Top Index


HAGI has an own data base which, starting with the historic price of the manufacturer, is including over 100,000 real transactions worldwide. The data is updated daily and generated mainly from four sources: private contacts, brand specialists, dealers, and auction results.

Oldtimerindex (OTX) of SÜDWESTBANK


It shows the performance of models of German manufacturers from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and southern Hesse between January 1, 2005 and January 1, 2012.

'Deutscher Oldtimer Index' of VDA (DOX)


The German Oldtimer Index is published annually by the German Association of the Automotive Industry. The company 'Classic Car Tax' from Bochum contributes the necessary data for the calculation of the index. The German Oldtimer Index is calculated since 1999. Underlying the data of the price development of 88 different vehicle types from seven manufacturers representing the German classic car market in its entirety. To avoid a falsification by exotics, no rare pre war vehicles are taken into account in the calculation of the index.